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Eastlake Acupuncture

East Lake Acupuncture

Veterans Can Benefit From Acupuncture

Many veterans, especially those who have experienced war zones, come back to civilian life still suffering from injuries, both physical and mental. In particular, cases of TBI (traumatic brain injury) and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) have skyrocketed since veterans have returned from Iraq and Afghanistan.

At Eastlake Acupuncture & Massage, we welcome San Diego’s military veterans into our upscale facility, where we can perform acupuncture and massage treatments to help manage and heal physical pain as well as stress, anxiety, PTSD and other common ailments that afflict veterans.

Some of the veterans we’ve met have been skeptical of acupuncture treatment, so it may be helpful to know that the U.S. Military itself is experimenting with acupuncture. Several pilot programs are training military doctors to perform basic acupuncture treatment on injured soldiers 1 , 2.

Pills and Silence Not the Answer
Many military veterans who return from a war zone have trouble reintegrating into civilian life, even decades after their service. If they received a physical injury, they may have been prescribed pain medication that only masks the problem.

Others come back with emotional scars. They may suffer from anxiety, anger, or insomnia and have trouble relaxing and enjoying life. These symptoms, which may indicate PTSD or TBI, should not be ignored. They represent a true injury, which needs to be treated just like a broken bone or twisted ankle. Acupuncture can help in all of these cases.

At Eastlake Acupuncture & Massage, we are proud to serve veterans living in San Diego, Chula Vista, Bonita and surrounding areas.

Call us to learn more about how your veteran’s benefits may help cover your acupuncture treatments.


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