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Eastlake Acupuncture

East Lake Acupuncture


"The Magic of Needles:   I had never heard of acupuncture until I was in my sixties. When I learned that needles are inserted in different parts of the body, I didn't want to try it because the thought of needles was scary. Having some arthritic pain in my knee, Nadia Ayadi suggested that I try acupuncture. An acupuncture treatment began by her putting on soothing music as I laid on a bed, then she inserted needles into various points of my body. Since I was feeling the most acute pain in my knee, she attached a small electrical stimulation machine on the needle inserted in my knee. My chronic knee pain went away almost immediately.  After covering my eyes with a lavender scented eye pillow and making sure I was warm and comfortable, she left me to relax in a darkened room for 20 minutes. After returning, she gave me a mini massage on my neck and head. The last thing she did was to rub my knee with an orthopedic liniment and covered it with a specially medicated adhesive patch. After the above treatment, I felt rested, relaxed and best of all I didn't feel the pain in my knee.

On a couple of other occasions when I started to sneeze and generally felt tired as if I were getting a cold or flu, she cupped me on my back and recommended that I make and drink ginger tea. Soon thereafter my cold/flu symptoms went away and I did not get the cold or flu."

- J.B. Bonita, 91913, Ca

"My first acupuncture treatment ever was with Ms. Nadia Ayadi.  To be honest I was very skeptical about acupuncture, I didn't see how a needle could fix anything.  I've had very bad digestive problems for 4 years straight.  I always treated it with over the counter items or meds and rarely saw results.  So I thought I'd try a different approach, Chinese medicine!  What could it hurt?  And it didn't hurt at all! My digestive problems no longer exist.  Nadia's treatment was so amazing, I felt so relaxed, what a relief.  I now see Nadia Ayadi once a week and see results with every treatment.  She has treated me at different times for sleep problems, racing thoughts, back pain and even a cold I had.  I feel like there is nothing she can't help me with.  I will continue to see Nadia weekly.  She made me a believer.  I will be forever greatful for her care, understanding and healing touch.  She is a blessing."

- M.T. San Marcos, 92069, Ca

"Although acupuncture is now being embraced by western medicine, it might still seem mysterious to someone who has never received treatment.  I’ve been fortunate and have benefitted from acupuncture treatments for several decades.   I can honestly say that Nadia Ayadi represents the best of the gifted clinicians who are bridging the Western practice of medicine with the Holistic art of healing.

Her astute understanding of this art, and the humanity of her own heart, allows her to treat each individual in a non-threatening way that energizes the spirit and empowers the body to heal.  She is an extremely articulate communicator with the ability to explain centuries of wisdom in a clear, practical ‘prescription’ that can be incorporated into anyone’s life, no matter how complex or stressful that life might be.

Among Ms Ayadi’s /Nadia’s  greatest  gifts is her ability to listen without judgment, and to hear with an intelligence that is the result of rigorous study and a profound intuition.  I believe that she is gifted beyond her own knowing.  Her humility and awe of the power her patients possess, ensures that she will remain a conduit through which healing flows."

- C.R. Mira Mesa, 92131, Ca

"Nadia cares, it was obvious from the start. My goal of getting back to feeling great became her goal. Nadia persistently found ways to get past the surface layers of the problem(s) to get to the root of the matter. She continued to demonstrate her competence by using different modalities of treatment that best suited my condition. Nadia would follow-up on my progress by presenting and discussing handouts and supplements which contributed to the overall healing process. She didn't just treat the physical she treated the whole person. Nadia's nurturing personality/attitude helped foster the healing that needed to occur. My back pain was to the point where it persisted from the moment I woke up to the time I went to bed. Even sleeping became extremely painful if I turned the wrong way. Getting dressed had become a chore because I could no longer bend at the waist without triggering a back spasm which ultimately lead to a collapse to the floor.

I'm thrilled to say I'm enjoying Life again now that I feel so much better. One of the turning points in the process was Nadia's referral to services outside her office which helped address certain blockages of energy I had stored in the body. The letting go of these stale energies which had accumulated over the years from traumatic events/circumstances was vital to changing my old way of thinking. I was stuck in the same old negative patterns which didn't serve me anymore. Thanks to Nadia's ability to see things through all the way Life is once again good and I've been enjoying it with a healthy back. I am grateful."

-G.B. 92118, Coronado, Ca